sanborn air compressor blowning oil from fill tube

by Bryan
(Torrington, WY)

I have a Sanborn 80 gal 2 stage compressor with the 5900 model pump on it and I was wondering if its normal for the pump (while running) to blow quite a bit of air and oil out the oil filler? it only does this while its running and then stops when the compressor shuts down. it seems like an excessive amount of oil blowing out but I have never had a compressor like this before.

Nope, that's not supposed to happen, Bryan.

What I surmise is that your have some bad piston seals, and rather than driving the compressed air down into the tank, the air is being driven past the seals into the sump and out the fill tube.

If you haven't topped up the oil lately (maybe overfilled it?) and you have a lot of oil blowing out, you really need to get the seals replaced soon.



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