Sanborn 84A100-22 Compressor Tank

by Kurt Johnston
(Falcon Heights MN USA)

Hello all,

Basic question about integrity of a Sanborn air compressor tank that is 37 years old.

I have a model 84A100-22 compressor and I was about to do some R&R on.

The check valve from the pump is leaking and the whole regulator assembly was lose.

I found also that the drain tube is cracked.

My main question is this: At what point do compressor air tanks need to be retired? I'm thinking it might be better to just spring for a new larger CFM unit and junk this one after 37 years.

Are there folks out there that will test or bore scope tanks? Is it worth it?


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Dec 27, 2018
Sanborn 84A100-22 tank integrity
by: Doug in

You want hydrostatic testing.

Basically, fill with water, pressurize, see if it breaks.

Or deforms.

Is it worth it (to you)? It's expensive so you'll have to tell me.

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