SANBORN 500A60 Manufacturer NO HELP Need Pistons or Aftermarket Pump

by Tracy Pyle
(Lenoir, NC)

SANBORN 500A60 data

SANBORN 500A60 data

Hello All, I have spent about 4 days on the internet and phone calling Sanborn Manufacturing Company, and many online parts places.

I purchased a Sanborn Model 500A60 60 Gallon Vertical air compressor at an estate sale.

Got home, both pistons are completely shredded inside the pump. I think I can get by with one new piston, 2 connecting rods and a set of rings. Problem is I cannot find these pistons anywhere online. I know that they are 2 5/8.

The manufacturer will only say that the parts are obsolete and they don't know of an aftermarket parts or pump to fit it.

A nice parts guy in Arkansas told me that he thought the pump itself was based off a B4900 or B5900. I know absolutely nothing about air compressors or pumps for that matter, but I am an avid DIY'er. If I can take it apart, and find a part, I can put it back together.

I have found some schematics and some part numbers, but I cannot find anyone with the actual parts.

I don't mind replacing the pump itself but I don't know where to begin searching thru the thousands of pumps online that would come close to fitting what I currently have. Anyone have any ideas?

I would appreciate the help.

I am including photos of the pump data and motor and tank data. I know my pump is single stage, the motor is 230V. My garage is wired for it, but I haven't put a plug on the compressor motor to see if it even works. UUGGHH...

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Feb 13, 2019
by: Doug in

I'm afraid the only way you'll get pistons for this is to cannibalize another one.
You should verify the motor at least doesn't smoke, and preferably starts, when powered on.

You need the rpm and FLA of the motor, if it works.

Then you can start by searching "5 hp air pump" and narrow your choices, depending on how much air at what pressure you want. The pump you sort of have was good for 150 PSI and around 18 CFM, but they only ran it to 120. Conservative. If you find 5 hp pumps too expensive, you can try for a 3 or even 2 hp unit.
Or less. But you probably won't be happy with less than that, unless you're just airing up tires.

Anyway, start with the tests, and let us know if you need more help.

Have fun.

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