Rotation of pump model#132 sn 131J5100

by Michel Marshall
(Riverside CA USA)

Bill It's a very old devilbiss pump.

Here's all the information on the plate:

-Pump Model# 131
-Serial number 131J5100
-Min RPM 300
-Max RPM 750@ 50lbs
-Max RPM 700@ 80lbs
-Max RPM 600@ 150lbs

I would like to know direction of rotation does it pull air over the pump or push air over the pump, any parts and or manuals anything I can find.

Were trying to get it running and we have a lot of these old parts too I'm trying to make work.

Also the air out manifold is a three way and has a copper tube going right through the middle of a three-quarter inch pipe I think it goes in the tank I would like to know where it goes and what it does.

Well thanks for any info would be great info to be a big help thank you very much.

Michel Marshall

PS Bill I tried the lowest resolution my phone has contact me and we'll try to figure out a way to get the pictures, I'll get the pictures to you another way sorry.

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Jan 13, 2016
by: Doug in

Any phone is going to give you too big a file for here - I believe 1meg was max. So you need to use some photo editor to reduce the resolution by increasing compression.

Jan 13, 2016
Devilbiss pump rotation
by: Bill

Added post here. Need images to be in the identify an older compressor section.

If you get images, start a new thread there, refer to this one, and I'll put the two together.

Good luck chasing this info.

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