Rotation of motor on Binks Model #33-105

by Paul
(Vancouver BC Canada)

Binks Model #33-105 air compressor

Binks Model #33-105 air compressor

Model #33-105, recently moved our shop, no markings on unit denoting rotation & no manual.

Does the air get drawn over the compressor body, through the cooling fins then through the flywheel? or the other way? Help!!

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Mar 05, 2015
Air Direction reply
by: Paul

Thanks for the info! The fan is (and was) hardwired in to a disconnect and when the electricians removed the wires they didn't tag them. It's running clockwise right now blowing air over the through the cooling fins & compressor body.

Mar 04, 2015
fan PUSHES air across pump, doesn't draw
by: Brock

Air goes from flywheel towards pump...not the other way.

I have the smaller Binks/Quincy 210 and on mine, looking in the direction of photo, the pump flywheel spins clockwise. Does that help?

Anyway, the motor is still going to run in the same direction it always did unless you rewired it.

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