Rolair Air Compressors

Rolair air compressors are manufactured in Wisconsin, USA. Their air compressor product range includes portable (hand carry) compressors powered by electric and gasoline motors.

Their compressor range also includes wheelbarrow type compressors, both electric and gas powered.

Rolair's larger stationary type air compressors range up to 20 HP in electric and gasoline motors, with tank sizes up to 120 gallons.

Rolair air compressors

I particularly like the reams of information that they have about the Rolair compressors on their website. Need a manual? If you have the model number, it's there for the downloading, along with schematics and other info. Nice job that.

Rolair Air Compressors
606 South Lake Street
Hustisford, WI 53034-0346
T: 920.349.3281

If you are having a problem with your Rolair air compressors do try to contact them first.

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Rolair Air Compressor Issues

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Rolair D2002HPV5 has slow turnover but no start. 
I have two older Rolair D2002HPV5 2 Hp 4.5 Gal compressors. Both have worked great for years, but they have been increasingly harder to start. Through …

5.5 hp rolair wheelbarrow compressor 
Will not build past 85 psi without review motor and still wount reach 100 at all

Rolair compressor not building pressure at all 
I have a Rolair 4090 HK17 that is about 12 years old but doesn't have very many hours on it. It was running fine but the pressure all of a sudden disappeared …

Intercooler Pressure Valve 
I have an older Rol-Air (Chinook) K28 pump and there is an adjustable pressure relief valve on the intercooler. Unfortunately the set screw is loose …

when i start my rollair 50 a Compressor the screen display unit stopped and compressor does not on  
when i start my rollair 50 a Compressor the screen display unit stopped and compressor does not go on

Rolair starts laboring at 90psi 
Hello, I have a rolair c5715k17-0088 1.5 hp electric twin tank comp. the motor and comp start to labor when reaching 100psi, opening the cold start air …

Problem w/ 3 Rol Air Compressors shutting down 
Our roofing company owns 3 rol air 9-gallon compressors. We are having the same issue with all three compressors. Once the compressor reaches the max psi, …

Wrist Pin Bearing on a rolair 80 gal dual stage pump 
I have replaced all of the inner parts and after using it several times the pump started to knock loudly any ideas on what could cause this.

Changing voltage on a Rolair Model C5715K-0224 
Hi Bill I have the above mentioned compressor. It runs great but trips the breaker about 50% of the time when it turns on. I would like to change …

6820k17 rol-air compressor pops breaker 
Bill I have a rol-air, model number 6820k17 air compressor that I am having trouble with. It starts and runs good until it gets to about 102 lbs pressure …

RolAir 2040 gas twin tank from '69. orig. Emglo vs, e.l.smith #143 pump? 
Just bought this twin tank 2040 w/8hp kohler 3 days ago 9/5/14. I searched and the RolAir customer service said it originally came with a E.L.Smith …

rolair fc1500hs3 that was running fine 
Have a rol air fc1500hs3 that was running fine and just kicked the 15a reset on it. Motor just hummus now but the piston is free if u move shaft. …

rolair 4230k28cs can u tell me how to adjust unloader 
rolair 4230k28cs can u tell me how to adjust unloader 131 big. will not cut out bought it used could not pass it up knew them to be outstanding compressors …

Rolair gas compressor shuts down 
Rolair gas compressor starts right up and runs for a couple hours then shuts off. Oil is full. Any ideas?

Rolair/Associate Engineering Unloader Valve 
Hello, Bill, Great site...after a lot of reading I may well have answered my question but I'd like another perspective on my problem. First, here's …

Rolair "Bull" slow to start some times... 
I have a Rolair "Bull" series portable compressor that I Use out on construction jobs. It has been slow to start or restart on occasions. Enough …

Rol-Air Compressor Troubleshooting 
I have Honda Rol-Air Compressor with 8hp Honda GX40 Max Engine. The Engine runs fine when run with the manual throttle control. But when I throw tab …

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