RolAir 2040 gas twin tank from '69. orig. Emglo vs, e.l.smith #143 pump?

by bill k

RolAir 2040 gas twin tank

RolAir 2040 gas twin tank

RolAir 2040 gas twin tank
RolAir 2040 gas twin tank

Just bought this twin tank 2040 w/8hp kohler 3 days ago 9/5/14.

I searched and the RolAir customer service said it originally came with a E.L.Smith #143 pump.

Thing is - mine has a Emglo KU model pump, seems both have about the same CFM's, around 8cfm.

Could customer service be wrong or pump must have been replaced at some point.

I can't find the year of the Emglo KU pump SN. A-092183133 and guess that would indecate if it was on the Rolair when originally sold. As you'll see from pics it all looks Original but it is a 1969, that I know for sure from searching the motor at Kohler?

RolAir told me they dont make the pumps or motors. They now use Honda gas and pumps made in Italy. Guess they just assemble components? If no answers thanks for reading;-)

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