Ridgid OL50145MW Air Compressor pump up to 40 lbs and stops

by lois neese
(colton, ca)

will only pump up to 40 lbs and stops

Bill says...

Hello Lois.

When it reaches the 40 PSI and stops, do you see or hear the pressure switch tripping to shut the motor off?

If the pressure switch is shutting it off, and presumably at one time the compressor reached normal cut out pressures of 120 PSI or more, then I would suggest that your pressure switch is at fault.

Drain the tank, close the drain, and plug the compressor back in. It should come on right away, and it should pump up to the normal pressure level. Watch and listen to the pressure switch to determine if it is reacting to the pressure at the 40 PSI level. It shouldn't, so if it is, I would change it out.



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