Ridgid compressor not working.

by Russ
(Columbus, Indiana)


I have a Ridgid air compressor that isn't working properly.

I uploaded a video of the problem:


I thought it was the pressure switch, so I replaced it with an identical one, but no change.

When I turn on the compressor, it fires right up

Builds pressure all the way to 150

Shuts off and bleeds air at pressure switch
when pressure drops to 120, it stops the bleed and there is a buzzing sound

When the switch is turned to off, the bleed continues.

I'm Stumped !

Great site, love the info, but can't figure this out



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Mar 11, 2016
by: Russ

Thanks! I'll start with this weekend. Thanks for the reply


Mar 11, 2016
Pressure switch leaking
by: Bill

First thing to correct these issues Russ is to drain the tank, remove, clean or replace, and reinstall the tank check valve.

See the page on tank check valves on this site that explains what they are and what they do.

After that, if the problem persists, add a comment here.

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