reset button on motor throws and turns motor off.

Strange thing is can run motor contiously as long as it wants and no heat issue or throuwing of motor breaker.

Only when the unit has built maz pressure in tank and shuts off when try to come back on and refill the tank after use it throw the breaker on the motor.

If i then turn the power switch off and back on after just a few seconds it will come back on.

my thinking it is not overheating in that it runs contiouusly as long as bleeding air out.

Not sure what the issue is unless drawing more current on start up casuse tank is not empty and thus more pressure resistance. or perhaps something defective in pressure shut off. Need help my limited knowledge has failed me. thanks
Pete, it could be a number of things including unloader valve failure, start capacitor weak or failing, motor wear causing difficult starts... etc.

Start with the easiest. Drain the tank, start the compressor and make sure that the unloader valve actually unloads the air when the compressor reaches cut out and stops.

Did it?


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Nov 04, 2013
new problem with capacitor
by: pete

well new capacitor works great but it is 2.5 inches in diameter. so i just put plastic tie to hold in place but it sits too high for the shroud and motor cover to attach. capacitor touches top of the shroud cover when i try to install. anyone else have this problem? if so what is the best solution? thanks
The shroud's purpose is 1) to keep people from touching hot spots on the pump and fingers out of moving spots 2) some, but little, sound deadening 3) make the compressor look better.

If you can operate without it, I would do so as it will help keep the pump cooler if it isn't completely shrouded.

Beauty is in function, not in appearance, as far as I'm concerned. But then, I've seen how I look in the mirror. Good thing that I work alright. :-)


Nov 02, 2013
by: pete

called granger told them what they sold me didnt work, got a tech on the phone gave me new part number. returned non working part and new capacitor working like a champ, it is 2inches in diameter twice the size of old one. will use tie downs to hold in place unless others have better idea, thanks for the help
Little help from me, Pete. Well done!


Oct 31, 2013
defective capacitor
by: Anonymous

Well good new bad news.

Start up capacitor is the problem.

Of course HF says obsolete and sorry part not available. Went to Granger Electric and brought the capacitor with me. They have one with similar specs which they say will do the job. it is tiny compared to the original. was just $9 so i fiugred i would give it a try. worked for several mins then it went pop and i pulled the plug. now won't restart at all, motor just hums.

they told me that this 70 micro fareit was a run capacitor being used as a start up capactior.

Any idea where to purchase replacement that would work and also fit in the spot desinged for it.

Pretty sure this will fix problem if if can just find the right capacitor. If you know of brand name and specs i can get granger to check or order it for me. I don't blame them they did the best they could to match what i had. I also considered that maybe the new capacitor was bad but i suspect more likely bad match made it blow.

by the way the armature turns freely not like there ia a bind or burr theat would be at issue. and the tank was empty so no issue there.
There are a host of capacitor suppliers on line. Using the model # / specs of your original, you should be able to find a comparable unit.

Anyone else have any idea?


Oct 30, 2013
audible... "psssssssssssschhhhhht", clearly the sound of air escaping, but just for a second or so.
by: Anonymous

excellent site with easy to understand descriptions for novice, I know a little about unloaders from pressure washer fix it. also little about start up capacitor from swimming pool motor fix it. i tried twice and defintely hear the audible... "psssssssssssschhhhhht", clearly the sound of air escaping, but just for a second or so. I guessing this means the problem may be motor or start up capacitor, since the unloader is working. While checking for the sound i turned switch to off and bled the air from the tank for a while then turned on agian an no reset problem. so its only when tank fills and cuts out and the on trying to refill i run into the reset issue. i have multimeter so how do i check the start up capacitor or am i getting ahead of the game? thanks for the help.
Good. Unloader working, meaning the excess motor load from trapped air over the piston isn't the issue. See the sitemap page for links to how to test caps.


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