Replacing the regulator on a Bostich CWC 200ST

by Joe Collins
(Meridian, Ms USA)

Shows broken regulator

Shows broken regulator

Shows broken regulator
shows right and left attachment to regulator has wrench fittings. Center has none.
Make/Model Bostich compressor

The top of my regulator snapped off.

I have ordered and gotten the new regulator but only two of the three connections on the regulator has wrench fittings. The third has no wrench fittings. How do I get the head out of the old, broken regulator?

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Aug 05, 2017
Air regulator ports
by: Bill

Mark, the regulator will typically have two ports, and in and an out for the air line from the tank (in) and the air line to the coupler (out).

The other two ports are for the air gauge. Pick the port where you want the air gauge to be, and then you will need to acquire a plug for the other and plug it. Many plumbing shops or hardware stores will sell threaded plugs for this purpose. I'm surprised that one of the ports didn't already have a plug in it, which you could remove and place in the gauge port you didn't want to use.

Hope this helps.

Aug 05, 2017
Please help - too many ports
by: Mark

I have a CWC200ST and purchased a new regulator. part # 7100640000 It is supposed to be the OEM part but my old regulator had three connections and this one has four. Can you tell me how to connect it?

Oct 16, 2016
by: Joe

I have been out of town working and just returned. The new regulator was here and I had it installed and back together in 15 min.

I wanted to thank you VERY much for the helpful information as this would have been more difficult with out your input!! THANKS!!

Sep 24, 2016
Third fitting removal on Bostich CWC 200ST
by: Bill

You are welcome, Joe.

If you look at the end of the fitting, right beside where your finger is pointing, you will see a recess for a standard hex wrench. That's how this type of swivel fitting is installed and removed.

Sep 24, 2016
Third fitting
by: Joe Collins

The third fitting is the one I am pointing at in the pic. It is not a fixed but swivels so I cannot remove it the described way.
I have not been able to find anything on the internet showing how to remove it from old, damaged regulator and reinstall on new.
Thanks a million for your help!!

Sep 22, 2016
Bostich CWC 200ST
by: Bill

Thanks for uploading photos. It always helps.

Is the third fitting you refer to the one that your finger is pointing at in the image? If so, this is an elbow fitting, and if you put your wrench on the left, and extend the wrench onto the input side of the elbow on the right side of the fitting, that acts as sort of a wrench flat and you should be able to remove it that way.

The regulator appears to be a basic, mini-regulator. The port size appears to be 1/8" NPT.

"How do I get the head out of the old, broken regulator? " You remove the whole regulator, and use the fittings from the old to plumb the new.

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