Replacement parts - pressure switch question?

by Tony


I have a Husky model WL651004AJ compressor that I broke. I need a replacement pressure switch but can't see the difference (other than the price) in the different options available for sale.

This one ( does NOT list my model number but I wonder if it will keep my compressor running? What will I notice that's different from the recommended part found here (


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Jun 28, 2015
Which compressor pressure switch?
by: Bill

Hi Tony...

If you can plumb it to your compressor, and it provides all the same functions as your old pressure switch, with the same specifications as to voltage and pressure, then you can use any pressure switch.

Having said that, the only difference I see between the two pressure switches that you provided links to is that one clearly says it does not include the unloader valve.

Ask yourself if you need an ON/OFF switch on the pressure switch? After all, the pressure switch is an ON/OFF switch based on tank pressure, so the manual switch is a bit redundant... unless your compressor has leaks, in which case, without turning off the power, your compressor will cycle back on all by itself when the tank pressure drops.

However, pulling the power cord does the same thing as turning off the power, doesn't it?

I'm from the KISS school. Find a switch that has the same parameters, same ports, same unloader valve and use it, or take the easy route and replace the old switch with an identical OEM version.


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