Replacement for 919.177561 compressor tank?

by Walt

Looking for easy replacement for Craftsman TA-4040 twenty gallon compressor tank?

My thirty year old 919.177561 Craftsman compressor has developed a hole in the bottom of the tank. Apparently this part (TA-4040 ) is "no longer available" from Sears. Their parts guys can't determine a substitute amongst their current offerings. Has anyone found anything that will replace the tank easily and will save me some chasing and monkeying around?

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Jan 23, 2015
by: Doug in

Individual tanks are pretty expensive.

Consider a new or used compressor to cannibalise.

Jan 22, 2015
919.177561 tank
by: Bill

Have a look at how your compressor sits on the existing tank. If you can emulate that installation footprint, even if you have to cobble it up a bit, you can use any tank from any compressor manufacturer.

As long as the pressure switch can sense the tank pressure, and the line from the pump head enters the tank via a non-return valve, you should be OK.


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