Craftsman 919.167242 compressor not shutting off and I replaced pressure switch

by Paul
(Ponchatoula, LA, USA)

I have a Craftsman 919.167242 air compressor that will not shutoff.

I've took it apart cleaned everything resealed all threaded areas and have replaced the pressure switch with a new switch from sears.

There are no leaks.

The compressor will only shutoff after the tank PSI reaches 150.

The regulator gauge shows the same or close to the same PSI as the tank and will not show a lower reading no matter how much I turn down (unscrew) the regulator.

However the regulator will bleed air when the turned down to a lower level presumably the set regulator PSI. Could I have a malfunctioning regulator or pressure gauge or did I get a faulty Pressure Switch? Thanks in advanced

Bill says...

Paul, what is the high pressure cut out of your pressure switch. 150 PSI does not sound unreasonable to me, and if it is shutting of consistently at that 150 PSI, I would guess that the switch is fine, and that's the cut out pressure setting for it.

If you are turning the regulator pressure setting down, and you have air in the line downstream of it in, for example, an air hose, and the regulator bleeds off that higher pressure air as you turn the pressure down (as it is supposed to)then I would guess your gauge is pooched.



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craftsman 20 gal.air compressor won't start

by Darrell Barkhouse
(Windsor Nova scotia,Canada)

My brotherinlaw works for sears and someone bought a new 20 gal. air compressor.they pluged it in and a spark came from the did not they took it back.that is the history of this compressor.

Now I got this compressor for free from sears and tested a few has 120V. at the psi has 120V at both sides of the capacitors.the breaker has 120V at both sides.not a peep comes from the motor.remember this is a brand new compressor.what am I missing.please help. thanks Darrell.

Bill says....

You got a free, broken, air compressor, Darrell! :-)

Could have been the start, run or motor that is causing the non-start now. If this were my compressor, I would get them all checked.



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Jan 29, 2012
Turned unit on and Sparks/Smoke from Motor
by: Sandi

Exact same problem with mine I got for Christmas, only it happened to me twice. Plug the unit in on the first one and it was completely dead. Took it back, exchange for the exact same model, Craftsman 20gal, 150PSI, 1.5HP Air Compressor. Plugged it in, turned it on and BANG, sparks and smoke from the motor and of course dead after that. I think I may give up on Craftsman.

Aug 09, 2011
sears compressor
by: darrell

thanks Bill,I took the motor apart and found a pinched wire when put togather from factory.repaired the wire and it fired right up.thanks for your help.Darrell Barkhouse


Pleased to have been of assistance.


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