REPLACE Muffler on Model 1113C

by Marvin
(La Verne, Ca. USA)

Where can I get a muffler replacement for Model 1113C s/n 20080505676 2HP? The manufacture's name is worn off, so I assume it's Pro-Source uncertain. It's orange in color w/ to air outlets. Thank you for any guidance you can provide me. I don't have pictures at this time.

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Dec 13, 2018
Model 1113C muffler
by: Doug in

You mean intake filter? Or do you mean an engine muffler?

Measure and google...

Although pix may help.

Dec 12, 2018
Muffler on Model 1113C
by: Bill

Hi Marvin.

I've moved your question to this page.

Sorry, I cannot find an image of the Model 1113C compressor, or a Pro Choice compressor for that matter.

I am not certain about which part you mean.

I believe this is an electrically powered 2 HP air compressor, and if so, it has no muffler.

Please provide a photo of the compressor if you would.

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