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Replace capacitor in 1998 Clarke air compressor

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by Tony Ryan

Hi, I have a 1998 Clarke air industrial compressor. Just recently when turned on the the fans are trying to kick in but can’t for some reason.

There is no smell of burn from the motor so I was told it could be the run capacitor.

I have purchased a new one. The model is 55 uf and 400-450 near enough the same as what was in it only thinner but numbers matching up the same.

Clarke air industrial 150l air compressor
Clarke air industrial 150l air compressor

There is 2 wires from capacitor, blue and brown.

My problem is when taking out the old one I never made a little diagram as to where the wires go back and has slipped my mind now and I have no idea how to connect up the new one to know if this was my problem.

Not a good electrician obviously.

Would b great if I saw a small video of it being done. Afraid to chance it cos I have no idea of the outcome if it was wrong, thanking you Tony.

Visit our Air Compressor Capacitor Guide for more information on capacitors.

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By Bill Wade

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