Trouble Removing Cover On Bostitch CAP60P OF Air Compressor – Solved

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Linda L Bonnell

Hi I’m trying to remove case from Bostitch air compressor….CAP60P. Any suggestions?


by: Bill

If you would be good enough to add a couple of photos of your compressor (start a new post please) then we can have a look. I don’t know how… yet, but need to see a picture or two, and cannot find one on line. Post a couple and we’ll get back to you.

Doug in

You’ve removed the screws from the sides, I expect. There’s another one inside the handle that screws into a bracket. Try removing two screws from the handle, then remove the handle cover. There you should find the final screw, which is likely why it won’t come off.

Bostitch compressor cover
Bostitch compressor cover

Linda L Bonnell

Still trying to remove casing from Bostitch air compressor CAP60P-OF. here are pics requested. Thanks

Bostitch Air Compressor Cover Removed
Bostitch CAP60 cover full view
Removing Bostitch Air Compressor Cover
Removing Bostitch Air Compressor Cover


Thanks for that, and I can see how frustrating that is. Did you have a look at Doug’s post just above yours?

Linda L Bonnell

Yes I removed both screws from handle and then inside 1 nut and loosen one hex bolt. Nothing loosened won’t move!

Doug in

Those pix are from before you started working on it? You say you removed the handle cover and loosened a nut. Good.

But in the first pic, I see two screws. One below the G and another under the L in “6.0 GAL”. Those need to come out along with a corresponding pair on the other side. You may need to use your right angle screwdriver to get the first pair.

There is another one on the back.

Finally, although yours is slightly different from the drawings I’ve found, there are probably a couple more under the back corners, screwed through the base plate into the plastic cover, from the look of your pix.

Please check and confirm or deny all that, and of course, whether you get it off!

Which reminds me, why are you doing this? (Yes, I understand it won’t run your construction tools. But specifically why not?)

Thanks, and good luck.

Linda L Bonnell

I’m trying to remove casing to to check why it won’t build pressure and to see why there’s so much air coming out the vent over the hood.

Please add additional posts on this thread below.

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I removed handle and I can’t remove cover. I have the same problem Linda is having motor runs but no air in tank due leaking some place under cover

Joe, I’m sending a drawing of this (or at least a similar) model.
You need to remove the following items, which are screws or bolts:
510 1 (shown head up, but I think it may come up from under the baseplate – not clear)
519 1
520 1
516 2
513 1
514 1 (the handle should be off now)
And I think the cover should come off now, as well.
If not, it should at least rock a bit and give you an indication of some unlisted fastener.
Good luck and let us know please,

Linda – so, did you find screws under the back of the cover?