Regulators brands, good, bad and the ugly?

by Bill Chandler
(Meridian, Idaho, USA)

compressed air regulator and gauge

compressed air regulator and gauge

Hi Bill,

I'm buying a 60 gal compressor for my home garage. It will be used to run my air tools.

The compressor does not come with a regulator.
I see so many brands for sale. who makes the best?
are any USA made?
can you list the top 5 brands for me?

I'd be happy to donate to your website for this advise.

Meridian Idaho.
Hi back at ya, Bill.

Please see the regulator page for complete information on how to select the regulator for your compressor.

Essentially, you buy an inexpensive one from the big box store which gives you basic functionality at a low cost, or you buy an industrial air regulator from one of the name brand companies which will give you better functionality and, perhaps, longer life.

While I do not know for sure, I suspect you may have a problem getting a general purpose air regulator that is made in North America. Some of the more exotic types - stainless steel - non-relieving may be made here, but I suspect even the big guys import parts or finished regulators from China or Taiwan or thereabouts.

See the websites of Norgren, Numatics, Master Pneumatic, SMC, Festo for detailed information on their air preparation equipment.

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