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Entry #005 - Automatic pressure regulators?

I wish to maintain 40PSI on system during use with a Wolf Sioux compressor.

All pressure regulators are "automatic" in that, when you set the downstream pressure to, say, 40 PSI, as long as the upstream pressure is above that 40 PSI, then 40 PSI is all that's going to flow down to your application. Does this answer your question?

Entry #004 - More air from the regulator?

would like to use a tool for 5 CFM at 90 psi and the compressor puts out 3.4 at 40 and 2.7 at 90 psi. What will I have to do or change?

You will either need a bigger compressor, or you will use the tool for a few moments with the compressor you have, and then you will have to wait for the air to regenerate. This has potential negative repercussions on the compressor duty cycle, and also on your time. Essentially, the compressor you have is too small to run the air tool properly.

Entry #003 - Can a compressor with 1.5 HP 6 Gal use a regulator for 5CFM?

The regulator I have is for 3.4 at 40 psi an 2.7 at 90 psi I would like to change to a regulator NPT 1/4" max flow 15 CFM max pressure 300 psi adjustment range 5-125 psi.

If you are talking about the compressed air regulator, and not the compressor pressure switch, then yes, you can use any regulator on any compressor, rated for any pressure, and with maximum pressures as high as the regulator will show. However, if your air compressor is rated to output 130 PSI for example, installing a regulator with a gauge and pressure capability of 300 PSI will accomplish nothing. Your air compressor will still only output the rated high pressure, and no higher. To be sure that we are on the same page as to what you are looking for, please read the pages on the pressure switches and air regulators on this site, and add a comment telling me where I've gone wrong with understanding your question.

Entry #002 - Air dwindles down to nothing?

When i use an air nozzle I will set my regulated pressure at 45 psi it will blow out at 45 psi but does not blow at a constant 45 psi. It will blow momentarily at 45 psi and then lose pressure until i release the trigger and squeeze it again. My primary tank can be full and have 200 psi in it but it doesn't matter.

You have two gauges on your compressor. One is the tank pressure, the other the set point pressure of the regulator. When you are operating your blow gun, what is happening on both of these gauges, please?

the set point pressure slowly dwindles down while the trigger is squeezed and the tank presure doesnt move. Once i let go of the trigger the set point pressure returns back to origional setting. For example if i set it on 45 PSI, when i press trigger it starts dropping. When i release the trigger it goes back to 45

If the regulator gauge is registering a pressure drop, and the tank gauge is not, then using your tool is bleeding the air but it doesn't seem to be getting out of the tank, or, the regulator is preventing the flow. The only reason the regulator gauge needle should show a drop is if the supply pressure falls below the set point. Are you sure the tank gauge is working?

Entry #001 - Air not blowing at pressure?

Question: My tank fills with air and when i adjust the down stream pressure it blows momentarily at the selected level but then starts to lose pressure. When i hit the trigger again it blows at regulated pressure then loses pressure. I got the compressor from my dad and it doesn't have a number so i can get a manual. Your help would be greatly appreciated. I don't wanna get rid of the compressor.

Nope you don't want to get rid of your air compressor. What you do want to do is give me a bit more info please. You set the regulator pressure at, say, 80 PSI, and in so doing the regulator bleeds off some air, but then the downstream air pressure is set, and the regulator stops venting? And then what? What blows??

Are you saying that you are using a blow gun and when you are doing so the pressure drops past the set point of the regulator and the pressure continues to drop until you almost run out of compressed air? If that is the case Pete, you have a compressor that works fine, but is too small to provide the air flow needed. Post again to this thread if I've got your explanation wrong, would you?