Regulator on WL 660800AJ Doesn't Regulate

by Todd
(Denver )

I always get the same pressure reading on the tank as I get from the regulator no matter how far I turn the knob in either direction.

I replaced the regulator and I am getting the same exact behavior.

The old regulator clearly had an issue with rod on the plastic plunger on the inside being bent. I cannot take the new regulator apart to look inside it very easily.

What are the chances that the regulator I just bought is defective? Is there something I am missing? Is it possible to simply replace the plastic part instead of the entire regulator?

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Jan 07, 2019
by: Doug in

I don't know what regulator you bought, but some of them you can move the gauge to the other side, and ditto the plug to where the gauge was.

Also, watch for the arrow on the regulator. It should point to the coupler, not the tank.

Jan 07, 2019
The Regulator is Installed Backwards
by: Todd

OK, I figured it out. The replacement regulator had the pressure gauge on the other side. So the regulator is in fact installed backwards. So it is behaving exactly as you would expect it to behave.


Looking for the correct part now.

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