Regulator knob won't turn

by Dave
(Florence, Mass)

I own a Bostich 6-gallon compressor - reconditioned. Using it for the first time. The regulator knob will not turn - not even a little. Seems really frozen - or something.

The compressor DOES work. I've nailed some things with it. Now I just want to regulate it. Ideas?
If pushing in or pulling out on the regulator knob doesn't allow you to turn it to adjust the downstream air pressure, then I suspect you'll be adding a new air regulator soon.

What pressure is showing on the regulator gauge? If the regulator is built in, and you are getting full pressure downstream from it, you can install a regulator at the end of the discharge coupler, and then put a coupler on the other side of it for the air line, and achieve the same results, as long as the first regulator is fully open.

I've inluded a link below to a Bostitch air regulator, but you can use any mini- or full size regulator if you wish.



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