Regulator check ball

by Chris
(Lake Villa. Illinois)

I have a powermate compressor model number CL0502710,I had the regulator knob come off while using the compressor. I replaced the entire regulator internal components (the spring. valve etc) the kit came with a ball.

When the ball is installed the pressure stays in the tank and does not go to the hose. When i take the ball out it works fine, Is this supposed to be the case? Is the ball in the kit sometimes used or always supposed to be used?

Thank You for your time.

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Feb 19, 2017
Regulator ball
by: Ed Houseman jr

Did you figure out what was wrong? I have the same problem.

May 02, 2016
Regulator check ball
by: Bill

Regulators are typically relieving, meaning that if the downstream air pressure is higher than the regulator setting, like when you dial down the regulator, then the higher downstream air pressure is vented out of the regulator until the pressure setting and the downstream actual pressure equalizes.

What keeps the air in the tank and not bleeding out of the regulator is this check ball, which is moved to open flow only when the downstream air is higher than the regulator setting.

I expect that in reconstructing the regulator, that ball is in the wrong place or there is a spring missing to keep it in place until the upstream air moves it.

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