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Reduce water escaping an air compressor tank

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This question is about the water generated inside a compressor tank.

by john
(Gauteng South Africa)

Are there different designs of air compressors that will allow less water out of the compressor and into the air line?

For example, is there some kind of device that is fitted inside some compressors, (I would assume more expensive compressors), that would retain more water inside the tank and therefore send less water into the piping system.

Is there a way of checking, or asking the salesman if his compressor will allow less water into the piping system.

John, the simple answer… not to my knowledge.

Compressed air tank
Compressed air tank

The amount of water a compressor generates into the tank has to do with its operating temperature, the cycle time, the air temperature of the air that is being drawn into the compressor, and the relative humidity of that air.

Typically the air line from the tank is located mid-point on the side so that water that has drained to the bottom of the tank is less likely to be entrained in the compressed air leaving the tank. You can see the tank air exits shown in the photo above.

If you have water in your air lines consider installing an electronic auto drain for the tank that will open periodically and automatically for regular, short periods, to purge the tank of water.

Add adequate water filters to the areas where air is used to remove water that condenses in the line.

Hope this helps.

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By Bill Wade

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