Rebuild kit for Central Pneumatic 67501 air compressor?

by John Cutro
(Albany, NY)

Is one available? Where can I get one? Approximate cost?

Considering purchasing this model from Harbor Freight and also want to be sure it is not the type that has a plastic composite cylinder ring seal that wears out quickly.
John, I have a real shortage of info about a lot of the Harbor Freight Central Pneumatic compressors.

However, the model 67501 air compressor is current, meaning that Harbor Freight still sells it. That should make getting parts for it fairly easy, if you contact them:

If they cannot help you, ask at the store if they have the kit (which you probably have already done) and also ask where they send their compressors that come back for warranty repair. If they use a local repair shop, that source may be best able to help you find parts and describe the seals.

I note that this compressor is currently on sale for $120. It won't take too much in parts cost, and repair aggro to overtake the replacement value of the compressor, a solution that might end up being lower cost in the long run.



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