Quincy pilot unloader test bench for adjustment available?

by paul

the company i work for uses quincy 325's and 5120's(rotary compressors). im well versed in adjusting the valves while on the compressor. problem is, its hard to get an accurate adjustment since the compressor is on a diesel engine, the gauge bounces around like crazy, and sometimes they aren't always completely accurate.

my question is, can anyone help me design a test bench to adjust the unloader valves.

i already have a test bench to test other things such as dive regulators, depth gauges, and other things. the test bench is already connected to a 300psi regulator with certified psi gauges. i just cant get my head around the necessary plumbing needed to connect the bench to the unloader valve.

on the quincy valves theres 3 ports, the bottom is an inlet, and the two sides are outlets. we block one of the outlets off and use it as a mount, so basically 1 in and 1 out.

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Oct 15, 2016
Quincy pilot unloader test bench
by: Doug in s.d.ca

I may have done something somewhat similar on my air cylinder can crusher.

Take your bench source, run it to a tee, and a regulator on each end.

Set one for cut-in and the other for cut-out, a valve after each, then those into a tee to be connected to the UUT.

Turn on the cut-in regulator for that, then turn
it off and turn on the cut-off regulator.

When fine-tuning, (if you use a relieving regulator) turn off the cut-off regulator and the cut-in on - it will relieve the cut-out pressure to cut-in.

'Course, if you have one, a diverter valve would simplify it a bit.

Oct 15, 2016
Response to Doug
by: Paul

A lot of the time we do, there's a little peanut tank on the compressor, but it's so small that the tank fills up too fast and make the adjustments difficult as well. So most of the time we will hook it a volume tank, this isn't so bad except it's a 60 gal volume tank with a check valve. So in order to set the differential we have to drain all this air and then wait for it to build back up.

Oct 13, 2016
Quincy pilot unloader test bench
by: Doug in s.d.ca

Still thinking about the bench facility, but meantime, could you use and external gauge isolated by hose or whatever to get a better reading?

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