We have Quincy compressor showing dewpoint fault and air is blowing out of the “water” valve

The Quincy compressor registered a “dewpoint fault” and air is blowing out of the “water” valve. Please advise.


OK, I know what dewpoint is, but I’m hanged if I know how your compressor is registering a “dewpoint fault”, and I’m not quite sure what you mean by a “water valve”.

It would have helped us all a lot if we knew what model of Quincy you are talking about.

Maybe you could send in a digital photo of the compressor and of where the problem is occurring?



Air dryer?
by: Mike

Dewpoint – Sounds like your compressor has an integrated refrigerated air dryer.

If you have a dewpoint fault check the following:

Does the dryer fan turn freely by hand? If not, replace.

Check the control fuses in the dryer circuit. If any are blown, replace.

Also check the pressure switch in the dryer. It may have a manual reset button on it, if so press it.

If you still have a problem call a refrigeration tech. You might have lost freon or refrigeration compressor has failed.

Always keep your dryer condenser free from dirt. Blow it out once a week.

‘Water” valve – Your dryer has either a float type drain or a timed solenoid drain that removes water from the dryer. Your drain is stuck in the open position. Either open it up and clean it or replace it.

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