Quincey 3 1/2 horse air compressor in hot room

The compressor will mainly be used for automatic filler machine , but also small air tools .

I have a insulated tank room that would be the quietest and most convenient but it is kept
at 110 degree with a propane heater. So do you think that would be to hot? It is dry heat.
Keith Fain

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Dec 23, 2016
Running Quincy in a hot room
by: Bill

There are a bunch of variables that could come in to play. For example, how long do you plan on running the air compressor at a single stretch, what's the source of fresh air for the compressor, is a lot of water in the air lines going to be a problem.

110 deg F isn't that hot, and like many applications, you don't want the air compressor to be too cold, nor too hot.

If you run the compressor and it goes off on thermal overload, that would be the answer, wouldn't it? :-)

That might be your best bet.

Can you rig a fan to turn on when the compressor does and to move air over the pump? While the compressor is running it will provide more heat to the room. How will you regulate that?

Keep us posted if you would via a comment here.

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