Putting pressure switch back together.

by Bill Wolsleger
(Alberta, Canada)

Remove the 4 port base and switch from the compressor.

Loosen cut out screw all the way back.

Clamp black plastic switch upside down by itself in a vise.

Put the two metal pieces with the 2 springs in place loosely and slide the base plate into place until the base plate sets down flat into its position. This takes some effort as you are stretching the smaller spring while making sure the bigger spring stays put.

Hold the plate in its position and clamp it with needle nose vice grips to keep it in place.

Now put the 4 port base in the vice right side up with the black metal plate on top.

Put the black switch in its place with vice grips still clamping it. This will allow you to get 1 corner screw in.

I then put a large flat blade screwdriver between the black metal plate and plastic switch to act as a wedge so when I remove the vice grips the thing doesn't fly apart again.

Pushing down on the switch I slowly slid the screwdriver out until everything seated, then put the other 3 screws in.

Worked for me after a couple of tries.

Adjusted cutout to 110psi.

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Jul 01, 2018
Thank you Bill from Alberta
by: Bill

Very kind of you to contribute. Thanks.

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