putting pressure switch back together

by ryan

i have a sears air compressor and took pressure switch off due to breaking pipe thats attached to switch.well i took (4)screws off that hold it and the switch came apart and parts fell out i have all parts but cant figure out how to put back together can you help and possibly send any pics .

part#is ac-0385
Ryan, there are many types of pressure switches out there, and they do not all go back together the same way.

I don't have access to a schematic. I am posting your question though, inviting other readers to post if they can help you out.



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Jun 09, 2015
air pressure switch
by: Anonymous

Thanks you really made my day the people that made the part told me that it could not be put back together again that was not true....

Feb 23, 2011
Switch is spring loaded.
by: adam

A little late but if the switch is the one I have in mind, it is more a puzzle to put together. You just have to look at it closely. You will have to put some pressure to get it all to seat so you can reinstall in the housing. If you look at the sides of the assembly you have out, you should see a couple notches. My guess is that is where some wire or line held it together until it was screwed back in place. If you use zip ties properly, you will be able to hold it together until screwed in place and then cut the zip ties and pull them out. That's all I got. I know how to put together but it's difficult to explain.

No, that's all I got.

Sep 30, 2010
regulator switch
by: randy

ryan,you and i have different pressure switches,the one i have,has no screws in it at all,,,,sorry i cant help,,,,randy

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