My Campbell Hausfeld compressor was starting very slowly each time it went to start back up.

Sometimes it would trip the reset on the motor when it tried to restart.

I took off the top part of the pressure switch (Big Mistake I think!) and now can you show me how to put it back together?

New Campbell Hausfeld pressure switch

New Campbell Hausfeld pressure switch


Putting the pressure switch back together
by: Anonymous

I made the same mistake, same switch, I managed to get it together again, the trick I used was to take the coiled spring off its anchor point which is right next to the green spring and this removed tension on the parts for assembly.

I took no pictures. Of the process so you will have to go the replacement almost alone,the black plastic part with spring goes in with the spring towards the green spring and the rounded “stem”towards the bottom of the switch,this rests against a copper.

Leaf spring on the metal bar that the aforementioned coil springs other end hooks to ,leave the spring anchored on this part,notice the copper leaf spring goes against the plastic stem and the end of this bar protrudes out the side and is lined up with the air switch connected to the plastic air line.

these hint will put your parts in proper orientation.

the next metal bar has the round indentation which goes down to contact the diaphragm ,the end has two tabs which drop in to the back of the plastic body ,into slots molded for them,this acts as a hinge point for this bar,

notice when oriented this way there is a tab or anchor point at the end towards the front or the large green spring ,this is to anchor the end of the coil spring which you leave free to prevent tension on parts while reassembling,

after this the metal case goes on with the air switch tab protruding through at A/S mounting point,

the other side has the on-off switch lever ,this goes through the case and a slot molded in the plastic body such a way that the wire levers tab forces the bar with the round diaphragm dent in it up to make contact when the lever is pushed down

assemble it in the off position to also prevent tension on parts,when the case is in position hold it assembled with one hand and place the diaphragm and the cast mounting block in place so all the screw holes align ,

hold all the parts together now and get the screws in and tight ,

after the unit is assembled use a homemade hook ,dental probe,or needle nose pliers to reach in along side the green spring and grab the end of the coil spring and pull it out and hook it over its anchor tab on the metal bar.

i used pliers after trying a probe,but I finally got It over and the switch works or seems to

I do have to adjust the “on”pressure which I messed with and I won’t know if the dag thing works until I have the compressor assembled but it does seem to,good luck


Putting the switch back together
by: Bill

Wow, thanks for taking the time to write this.

I sure hope it helps folks out there that accidentally, or on purpose, disassembled their pressure switch and cannot reassemble it.

Good luck with that Carl.

And by the way, your compressor symptoms suggest the following as typical problems with air compressor starting.

1)unloader valve not working,
2)poor power supply to the motor circuit
3)start capacitor failing