Puma PK6560 compressor will not keep up the sander

by Lennis Green
(Manitowoc WI)

The pressure is good when it's been sitting but once you start to use it the pressure drops off and will not keep up the sander.

See the Sizing page for details, Lennis.

I suspect your air compressor is way undersized for the air demands of your air sander.


Comments for PK6560 puma compressor will not keep up the sander Feb 26, 2013 by: Lennis

Hello Bill,

Thank you for all of your help!! The regulator/filter was installed correctly. So I took it of and tested my sander with out it and it worked great. I went out and got a separate regulator and filter and what a difference!! It's up and running better than ever.

Thanks again, Lennis

Glad to have been of help. I will be moving this thread to a separate page as I feel this information will be of help to other Puma air compressor users.

Comments for puma compressor will not keep up the sander Feb 26, 2013 by: Lennis

B, It does seem as though the compressor takes a little longer to fill to its capacity. Would the Air regulator be the same as the water separator? I added on an attachment that I thought did both, regulate the air pressure and collect the moisture.
If the compressor is taking longer to fill, that suggests that there is a pump problem. See the Troubleshooting section on the sitemap page for the pages to do with why air compressors run and don't build pressure.

If you recently installed a combination Filter / Regulator, and the problem occurred after that installation, check to be sure that the F/R is installed with the arrow pointing from the tank towards the discharge coupler. If you installed it backwards, easy to do, then that might be your problem with air flow.

Feb 25, 2013
pressure problems with my puma pk6560

I'm sorry I didn't post it the 1st time.
Yes the compressor fills to its set capacity. qq
Lennis, if it fills to capacity, then I would suspect that it takes a lot longer to do so than when the air compressor ran the sander OK?

If the compressor fills to capacity and shuts of normally in the same time frame as it used to, then it suggests your compressor is fine.

The next culprit then, if the compressor is fine, is that your air regulator may be the problem.

Does the compressor tank tank longer to fill now than it did before?


Feb 24, 2013 pressure problems with my puma pk6560

It's a PK6560 puma and it did keep up but now its not. I've replaced the air filters and the check value seems ok but I'm not sure. I'm a woodworker and bought this new a couple of yrs ago. The gaskets on the center cylinder were replaced. In fact I think they were faulty from the start because after I discovered the leak it ran better than it ever did (the leak was on the belt side).
It would have been useful to know the model earlier.

When you start the compressor with the tank empty, will it run up to the normal cut out pressure, or will the compressor stop producing compressed air at a pressure lower than normal cut out, and keep running?

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