Puma 6560 on/off switch won't turn compressor off

by Paul

I have a new 6560V Puma air compressor. It's a 60 gallon single stage belt driven unit.

I had an electrician set it up.

The pressure switch will not turn the compressor off.

I have to turn it off at the breaker.

If I try to flip the on/off switch while it's running to the off position, the unloader valve hisses and sparks on the side where contact should be made between the pressure switch and the unloader valve pin.

I haven't run it to its full air capacity fearing it won't automatically shut off.

I have tried repeatedly to get information from Puma with NO response.

Maybe you can help?

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Jan 16, 2019
Puma 6560 Repair
by: Anonymous

It is a common problem for electricians to hook up pressure switch wrong call Matt at north central air
785 454 3409

(Phone number is for - www.ncaircompressors.com - moderator)

Aug 13, 2018
Issue taken care of
by: Paul

Puma finally contacted me after multiple emails and I spoke with a rep and they are sending a new switch out. Hopefully this post won't jinx it. Now I'll need to learn how to replace it. Hoping it will be a straightforward swap.

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