PRV blows off on second air compressor

by QT Electrical Services LLC
(Tucson AZ)

We have a two three phase air compressors connected to two storage tanks at a body paint shop.

The problem we are experiencing is that as soon as both air compressors turn on to fill up the storage tanks the PRV goes off in a (DEVAIR COMPRESSOR THE CLIENT PURCHASED USED ABOUT 5 MONTHS AGO)

Model number VAVC-5000

Serial #35343 MD

175PSI MAX Pressure

15 HP
43 AMP
200 Volts

Both compressors are being controlled by only one pressure control switch that way they can both operate simultaneously.

Like I said it takes about 10 second for the PRV to open in this new air compressor when both of them kick on.

There is one valve that was installed on the 3/4" pipe going from this compressor and Teeing into the main line that leads to the second compressor and two storage tanks that seems to not be working. It does not open or close. I will be replacing that first do you thing this valve can be stuck open mid way and its blocking the air flow from the VAVC -5000 compressor causing a buildup in pressure therefor activating the PRV rated at 200 psi???

Thanks in advance.

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Jul 14, 2014
PRV, etc
by: Doug in

If the valve is between the pressure switch and the compressor, and it's stuck closed, absolutely.

If the valve is a check valve, it may be installed backward, depending on whether this setup ever worked correctly.

Pix might help. (You'd need to start a new page.)

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