ProForce 11 gallon air compressor will not shut off

by Mark J.
(Aberdeen, SD)

The compressor runs and will build up some pressure but never reach it's cut off point.

I lost the oil fill cap (or maybe it blew off} and a lot of air seems to be coming out of the oil fill hole.

I put a cork in the hole and it stayed put for a minute then blew off and sprayed oil all over the place.

Should there be that much air pressure building up in the oil compartment?
No Mark, your air compressor should not be building up air in the oil sump.

Typically the oil fill cap has a vent in it to allow any pressure buildup to vent to atmosphere.

By corking the oil fill tube you absolutely guaranteed that the cork would fly off, as the cork had no vent.

However, I suspect you have some serious problems with your piston seal(s) leaking, and instead of the compressed air being blown down the line into the tank, the air is taking the path of least resistance, and bypassing the piston seals to the sump.

You need to address the seal issue first, and then see what else might be the problem.



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