Pro 4000 3.5 hp capacitor values

by Steve
(Fullerton, CA)

3.5 hp capacitor, also piston (dual opposed), replacement parts

I need the start and run capacitor values for Devilbiss 3.5 hp Pro 4000, 20 gallon, 150 psi, horizontal, 1992, Airfree compressor.

I know now that I'll have to take the motor in to one of the local electronic parts houses, and ask them to match it up with the capacitors.

One time I tried that with another motor, and they couldn't do it do to lack of markings on the motor.

One time I got the capacitor values by calling the manufacturer of a 1960's model of 3HP motor. They still had the specs, so I was in luck, except the motor has poor power factor (common design weakness for motors from that era).

I also need a dual opposed piston for this machine.

By all appearances, one is on one's own, and will have to make substitutions of parts. I think I will replace the pump with a oil sump type. Fortunately, I've got one of suitable size for this machine (about a hundred years old, but it's very efficient and still working).

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