Pretty old Curtis Compressor with centrifugal weights & actuator arm.

by Augie D.

Curtis Compressor wide shot

Curtis Compressor wide shot

Curtis Compressor wide shot
Curtis Compressor number plate

Hello, Bill, this is one very cool internet offering, one that I would never have found if this neat contraption hadn't landed in my carport recently. I can post a good pic of the number plate, and one of the full assembly.

I'd like to know more, as in anything, if you can help. It seems complete except for the air-filter, and when hand-spun it sounds like it might be working, but how would I know, right? I cannot even find a picture of another one like it. I suspect the red paint means a rebuild sometime in its past. The 8HP Briggs, clearly not original, is sporting what looks to be the original clutch, but it wobbles and no way we're going to apply power at this time.

Can you even venture guesses as to age capacity etc?

Thank you.

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