Pressure switch failing

by Evan
(Fargo, ND )

entral Pneumatic 67501 air compressor

entral Pneumatic 67501 air compressor

67501 2HP 8Gal.

The Reset Button/ Automatic Shut Off Switch is shot. How do I go about purchasing a new switch? I hope someone has a recommendation.

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Oct 19, 2014
67501 pressure switch
by: Bill

Evan, the switch shown below should work, but you need to look closely at yours to ensure that the existing switch is a 4 port switch too.

Then, after you receive it, you will have to drain the tank with the compressor off, remove the existing pressure switch after unhooking the unloader valve line, and replace it with the new.

You'll need to do some wiring too.

If this is outside of your comfort zone, you'll need to take the compressor to a local compressor repair shop to get the switch replaced for you.

What were the symptoms that made you figure that your pressure switch was shot?


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