Pressure comes out of oil fill

by jim

When the compressor is running the air comes out of the fill hole where you put oil in the compressor.

It blows out the dip stick.

Any ideas, this compressor is rarely used.

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Mar 20, 2016
Or buy a new compressor?
by: Bill

Since the original poster did not indicate the make nor model, I have no idea of the value of this compressor.

If parts are available, and if it's just the piston seals, and the owner is handy, and there is good value in the compressor, then a pump rebuild may be the best bet.

If it's an $89 air compressor, finding parts and rebuilding the pump may only be an exercise in frustration, and acquiring a new compressor might be the more logical choice.

Mar 20, 2016
Dip stick blow out
by: Phil

You suggest replacement are you talking about the seals as in rebuild or buy a new compressor?

Sep 17, 2014
Pressure out of oil fill
by: Bill

Well Jim, whether it's a hardly used air compressor or not, the symptom you describe is commonly caused by compressed air blowing by the piston seal(s) and entering the oil sump.

That there is enough air to blow out the dipstick, assuming the oil fill cap vent isn't blocked, would suggest that you've got serious seal problems on your pump piston.

Time for a replacement I would think.


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