Pressure builds to 30 psi then motor acts like it does not have enough juice

by davud
(louisville ky)

i have a 230 volt 60 gal and when i turn it on it builds to 30 psi and the motor shuts off and will not start .

it is hooked to 8-2 wire on a 30 amp breaker, that should run the whole garage!is it my compressor (it is brand new-husky 60 gal-15 amp)

Bill says...

Hello Davud. Thank you for visiting my site and for writing in.

It sounds to me like your pressure switch has a problem. Please read the pressure switch page for more details on how they operate.

If the pressure, starting from zero, gets to 30 PSI, and then the pressure switch trips off, that's a problem.

I'd check that out first.



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