Powermate PPA1982054 Has A Leaking tank

Hi, I recently bought a Powermate PPA1982054 2 hp 20 gallon compressor (manufactured Sept-2009)for a great price...I thought! After owning it for a week it developed a pin hole leak at the bottom of the tank by a seam. My first thought was to weld it but after looking around online, it may not be a good idea due too potential tank explosion. I've read that some have patched / welded and gotten many years out of their tanks. Please advise on welding or patching a tank. If welding a patch over the hole is not recommended, what about having a new bottom welded into the tank? It's really a shame, the unit looks brand new.
Thank you for your time. You've done a fantastic job on your site.

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Feb 08, 2017
Leaking Tank
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your input Bill. The price of a new tank is half the price of the compressor or more ~$400.00 But you're right, the price of getting eaten by an exploding tank could be real pricy!!

I'll inquire about getting the bottom of the tank replaced with heavier gauge metal and tested. If it's about the same cost as replacing the tank it may be better than new. At least it wouldn't rot any time soon. I'd also consider applying a rocker panel coating to seal the inside. I'll bet if the tanks were sealed during manufacturing there wouldn't be many leaking tanks out there!!

To all: If anyone considers doing this, please go to a pro. and have it properly tested also. Keep in mind what Bill said about the ENORMOUS PRESSURES you're dealing with. Play Safe!!

Thanks again Bill.

Feb 08, 2017
PPA1982054 Has A Leaking tank
by: Bill

The problem with a pin hole in the tank is that you cannot see what the rest of the metal around the hole is like. Odds are good that the metal is rusting and weak.

That the pin hole appears on the bottom of the tank suggests that the compressor has been stored with water sitting in the bottom of the tank, as opposed to having the tank drained after each use.

There are skilled welders out there that can repair a tank... they say. If any tank on any of my compressors develops a leak, I will NOT have the tank repaired, but will find a replacement.

No money saving on a tank repair will offset the potential for serious problems if a tank should rupture.

If your compressor tank has 100 PSI in it, for example, and the inside surface area of the tank is 100 square inches ( a very small tank ), the total force being exerted outwards on the tank is 10,000 lbs. Not a force to be taken lightly.

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