power craft ta25/180 compressor won't shut off

by mick

Model is power craft ta25/180 will i have to keep turning it off when it reaches 8 bar could it be the presser switch or valve can you help thanks.

Typically Mick, there are two scenarios to consider when an air compressor keeps on running and won't shut off.

One is that the pressure in the tank never reaches the normal cut out pressure, and the compressor runs and runs. This doesn't sound like your Power Craft... unless, and you don't indicate this, the normal cut out pressure of the air compressor is higher than the 8 bar pressure the tank reaches. If your compressor normal cut out pressure is higher than 8 bar, then see the page about why air compressors will not build pressure for information and help.

The other scenario is that the air compressor tank pressure reaches the normal cut out, and rathern than the compressor motor stopping, the compressor continues to run, and run, and the tank pressure keeps rising until the PRV valve lets go. In this case, I would look to the pressure switch as having failed, as the first thing to review.



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