Porter Cable C2006 no sound at all and won't start

by Randy
(Raleigh, NC)

Porter Cable C2006 Type 4 was working fine but now won't start at all. There are no sounds at all. I have checked circuit breaker, made sure switch was on and unit plugged in. I assume it is an electrical issue but don't know for sure. How do I assess this failure?

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Jan 17, 2015
Follow the power
by: Bill

Randy, good that you've done the checks you have.

You need a multi-meter to check the power flow through the compressor and see where it stops.

With the tank empty, carefully check where the power comes to the ON/OFF switch to make sure that there is power there. With the ON/OFF switch ON, check and see that power is on the compressor side of the switch.

If so, see where the power enters the pressure switch. If there is power there, and the tank is empty of pressure, there should be power on the motor side of the pressure switch. Is there? If so, the pressure switch is good.

See where the power reaches the motor circuit. Power there? Is there a start capacitor? If there is power to the start cap, then the next thing to do is check that. See the page on this site about how to check the capacitors. Do that, and advise here as a comment as to what you found, if you wish.



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