Porter Cable air regulator seems stuck

My Porter Cable pancake compressor has worked fine for a couple of years - but I just took it out to use today and the regulator dial seemed stuck at 160 psi (the end of the dial).

After emptying and refilling a couple of times, I knocked on the valve with a screwdriver handle and the dial went to zero.

No amount of turning the regulator knob changed the needle at all.

And, no air comes out of the the compressor even though I can fill it up to 120 psi and the bleed it through the bleed valve. Help!

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Aug 07, 2014
by: Bill

Your compressor has a general purpose regulator installed, with a line up to the regulator gauge, rather than having the gauge right on the regulator body.

The following regulator should work. I don't have the specifications of the pipe size of the existing one, so it is possible that you may have to use bushings to increase / decrease the thread size to suit, though probably not.

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Aug 07, 2014
Thanks -
by: Andy

I appreciate the info - the Porter Cable is a Model C2002 Type 4. I believe I bought in in 2010. Is there a replacement that is available?

Aug 07, 2014
Air regulator probably not stuck
by: Bill

Compressor regulators, particularly on the lower end, DIY air compressors, are pretty cheaply made. They fail, as I suspect, yours has.

Had you included a model number for your Porter Cable pancake compressor or a photo of it in your original post, I would have had a look at it to see what regulator you had and tried to offer an alternative. Can't do that this time.



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