Porter and Cable C5510 blowing breaker

by Matt Hunter
(Toronto, Canada)

Porter and Cable C5510

Porter and Cable C5510


i inherited a wheeled C5510 from a buddy who was downsizing shops. was having some issues but i took it to a reputable (maybe not) tool guy up here in Toronto, Canada. he did some work on it, did not charge me much, but told me before i picked up that it was tripping his 15 amp breaker when it it 100 psi in the tank. i picked it up and it blew my 20 amp circuit when it hit 125 psi. i don't need anything beyond 100 so i'd like to drop the cut out pressure to 100. there is only a single, torn security screw that seems to be the one i need to adjust but does that make sense? or should i be looking elsewhere for adjustment screws.
see attached.

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Jul 19, 2018
Porter and Cable C5510 - you might do that...
by: Doug in s.d.ca

... but then it probably won't cut back in until 70 or so. And yes, that screw is probably the one.

It's supposed to go to 150, so I would be checking the motor capacitors. Looks like there are two. One is a start capacitor, the other, run cap. I bet the run cap is at best sick if not dead.

There is info on how to check them here and other places on the web. Don't get them mixed up...

Good luck.

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