Plumbing a Compressor to the Tank

by Neil
(Charlotte NC)

I am looking at taking a 5 HP pump and Motor and putting it on my Harbor Freight 21 Gallon tank. I would need to replace the copper line that runs from the compressor to the tank. What kind of copper do I need to use? Is it just that soft copper tubing from Lowes? Also would upgrading my pump and motor to 5HP give me the CFM I need to run paint guns and air sanders etc?

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May 25, 2016
Some hints about plumbing and sizing a compressor
by: Bill

I'd have no problem using the soft copper tubing for the air line from the pump to the tank. I would prefer to use copper over a plastic composite air line any day.

In order to determine if your new compressor can provide the air you need for your tools, you need to know what the air tools need. Please see:

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