Plumbing a 33 gallon 2hp Craftsman compressor

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by Raymond

I need to figure out the best way to plumb my home compressor.

I have a Desiccant Dryer Model # PA208503AV currently on order for my Craftsman model 919.168700 compressor.

Craftsman Air Compressors
Craftsman 33 gallon air compressor

I will only be running one leg, how far from the compressor should I place the regulator?

Currently it’s connected almost directly to the unit.

Also how far from the regulator should I install the dryer? Does it need to be x from the regulator?

What would be the best pipe to use and does it matter how far you run the pipe from the compressor? Could I plumb everything within 6′?

If someone could send me a little diagram that would be great. I’m using the unit to sandprimer my car. I appreciate any information.


Hey Raymond, very nice to hear from you.

As far as I recall, every one of your questions has been answered on a number of different pages on this website.

May I suggest that you use the Sitemap to view the pages that seem to best provide information about what you need to know? It seems somewhat redundant to have all the info up there, and then re-type it again…wouldn’t you say? 🙂

As far as the distance from the compressor to the dryer, check their specs first. I think you’ll see that the air temp going into the dryer has an effect on the dryer efficiency. If it were me, I’d plumb the dryer as far away from the compressor as I could, to let the air cool naturally.

That’s covered on the “Water – what causes it and how to fix it” pages too!

The regulator’s purpose is to reduce the pressure downstream from itself, and to try and maintain that pressure as the tools operate. There’s an issue of pressure loss over a long pipe length, but for the most part, you put the regulator where you want to control the downstream pressure. It doesn’t hurt to have the regulator installed downstream from the dryer, and between the dryer and the regulator you should install a general purpose air filter to remove any airstream particulates that might be caused by the dryer.

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