Picked up an old air compressor yesterday

by Mark Horton
(Lexington, Ky)

Old air compressor

Old air compressor

Old air compressor
Old air compressor  - 2

Picked up this beast yesterday. I know it is a Curtis and I believe it is a C96 pump. Originally it was made for the U.S.Army Corps of Engineers.

It had a gas powered motor originally but has been switched over to a huge 220 volt electrical motor. The tag on the motor says it is a 1 1/2 HP motor but it is huge.

It is a two stage 4 1/2 and 2 5/16 bore. Needs to run a minimum of 400rpm.

What is the largest motor in HP I can use on this thing and what is a safe rpm to shoot for?

I believe the tank is 60 gallon but not sure of the max psi.

If anyone can help me it will be appreciated.

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