Parts for a Pro Source Air Compressor Model TD2006A

by Jerry

I need a part for a Pro Source Air Compressor, Model TD2006A, and am unable to find any information on the company, much less that compressor. Is Pro Source a defunct company?

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Jun 06, 2018
pro source part
by: Anonymous

i have a pro source compressor model 111oc
2x7085825 2 hp 10 gal 125 psi need a out let line

Jun 08, 2016
Copper line
by: Bill

Not sure what you mean by regorlater Carl, however, if you visit a good plumbing wholesaler, they can set you up with soft copper tube and fittings to suit.

If you can bring the old line and any fittings with you, that will make it easier to spec out the replacement.

Jun 07, 2016
copper air line
by: carl

i need the cooper air line that runs from the tank to the regorlater (?)

Jul 15, 2015
TD2600A 2HP Hotdog compressor
by: Darshan

I also have a TD2600A compressor but this one has Bynford label on it. It has a spec plate showing 2HP, 11.5 amps, 6 liter tank, 3480 RPM. i am looking for a manual for it but cannot find any info on the web either.

Jun 29, 2015
Pro Source
by: Bill

One source I accessed suggested that Pro Source compressors were made for and sold through the Big Lot chain of stores.

I keep seeing Powermate pop up when I'm searching for Pro Source compressors too, so I'm wondering if they were the original manufacturer?

Try contacting them with your model number and see if they can help.

There are dozens and dozens of smaller, DIY compressor brands out there, all made by a few companies, and all of them made, typically by an even fewer number of companies in Asia.

I suspect if you Google the specifications for your compressor you will find another brand that is virtually identical, and parts may be available for that brand.

Also, many compressor parts do not have to be OEM equipment to work well. If not, start Googling the specific part you need and you may find a source.


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