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Parts for a Central Pneumatic 40400 compressor

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Can’t find connector to fit my 40400?

by Maggie G
(Cicero, NY)

I can’t find connector to fit the compressor. I have tried a 3/8 inch and it is too big and a 1/4 inch is too small.


by: Bill

Maggie, while I’m not sure, I think what you are saying is that you cannot find a connector that fits the discharge coupler of your air compressor, is that correct?

That being the case, with the compressor off and the tank emptied of all air, remove the discharge coupler from the discharge line of the air compressor and see the thread size needed for a new one. See the NPT page for inch sizes of NPT threads so you can determine which yours is.

Then, visit your local big box store, or better yet, compressor store, and purchase a new discharge coupler kit, which comes with the correct connectors for it. Install those connectors in your air tools, and you are back in business.


Connector (coupler)
by: Doug in s.d.ca

It looks like this model doesn’t come with a coupler. That’s fine.

It is 1/4 inch PIPE thread, according to the manual, page 2, specifications.

So yeah, get one of those kits Bill mentions.

The “industrial” style is more prevalent than the “automotive” style, but it’s your choice.


by: Maggie G

I did get help from someone at Harbor Freight Tools. I needed to unscrew a piece that was there when I bought the reconditioned compressor and add a connector.


Good news about info on compressed air couplings
by: Bill

As Doug says in his comment, you can acquire “industrial” or “automotive” coupler kits.

But then you have to make sure that you get the correct connectors to work with the couplers.

So get a couple of kits, whatever style you want, to be sure that you have enough of the correct connectors for all your air tools, and that way you can be sure that all your connectors fit in the couplers.

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