Parts for 919.15678

by Alex

I'm looking for a valve kit and a head gasket for a craftsman 919.15678.

It Sounds like Craftsman doesn't offer parts anymore, is there any way to get parts through the Pump manufacturer (DeVilbiss? perhaps?)
Could I just take the head off, clean the valves, and reassemble with RTV? The only reason I'm thinking of doing this is that it seems to be taking markedly longer for this thing to come up to pressure than it did just a year ago.

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Jun 02, 2018
Oh, before you do that...
by: Doug in

Have you checked that the drive belt is tight? It may have deteriorated in a year...

Also the head bolts might be loose.

Jun 02, 2018
919.156780, 919.156781?
by: Doug in

Those may be the same, essentially. And Sears has parts for those. Ask the pop-up guy.

But failing that, sure, you can try RTV if it'll take the heat.

Or, you can make your own real gasket(s) and reeds, if needed. Ideas on how are on this site.

Metal parts like crank, pistons and rings are another story, of course...

Good luck.

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